The Philadelphia Lens Library is a Canon lens rental resource for photographers in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. It has a ton of Canon lenses for rent, including:

more than 20 Canon L series lenses (and over 30 Canon lenses in all, ranging from 10mm to 500mm)

three Canon supertelephoto primes (Canon 200mm F/2 IS L, Canon 300mm F/2.8 IS L and Canon 500 F/4 IS L) along with a complete collection of all five of the legendary Canon 70-200 L zooms

• a variety of specialty lenses, including a complete set of Canon’s tilt-shift lenses and most of Canon’s macro and fisheye lenses

The Philadelphia Lens Library is located at The Cedar Works, at 4919 Pentridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143. The PLL is run by a full-time professional photographer in Philadelphia.

If you are a new client, please note that we work by appointment ONLY. Please check out our reviews on yelp! and read our Welcome Guide. To arrange your rental, contact 215-821-7161 or for an appointment.

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